Default Behaviour

Once open your sheet should refresh about each 2min and for about 10min. This behaviour is Google Sheets default and CRYPTOFINANCE has no control over it.

But this is rather uncertain and it will not refresh if the time interval between each open is too short. A better option is to use a manual trigger as explained below.

Using a Manual Refresh Trigger

We use a trick where Google Sheets will force a refresh when a function has one of its argument changed.

Here is how to set it up in 2 steps:

  1. Make the 4th argument to all your CRYPTOFINANCE function calls a locked reference to the cell A1. If you don’t have 2nd or 3rd arguments, just make them an empty string.
  2. From now on every time you change the content of the cell A1 that will refresh your function calls.


If your function call was =CRYPTOFINANCE("KRAKEN:BTC/EUR") your function call becomes =CRYPTOFINANCE("KRAKEN:BTC/EUR", "", "", $A$1)

If your function call was =CRYPTOFINANCE("COINMARKETCAP") your function call becomes =CRYPTOFINANCE("COINMARKETCAP", "", "", $A$1)

Next Step

Check out the page Things to Know to better understand Google Sheets behaviour.