Note Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are 2 different exchanges. Click here for Coinbase Pro.

All Coinbase Market In One Listing

This function call will return the list of all markets along with all their data point. It is recommend to use this if you need data for all markets.


The following market data will be returned:

  • last_updated, when the data has been fetched from the exchange, timezone is UTC time.
  • market, the market name following the syntax BASE/QUOTE.
  • price, the current price, the last trade price.
  • last, the price of the last trade.

Specific Coinbase Market Data

Current Price

This will return Bitcoin price in USD as currently traded on the exchange.


Same thing as calling =CRYPTOFINANCE("COINBASE:BTC/USD", "last") or =CRYPTOFINANCE("BINANCE:ETH/BTC", "price").