Parse error

If the function returns Parse Error or something similar, change the commas to semicolon to separate the function arguments, like this:

=CRYPTOFINANCE("BTC/USD"; "change"; "7d")

This is happening because your sheet locale is not English.

Coins having the same symbol

Some coins share the same name, CRYPTOFINANCE renamed them to address this issue, here is the list:

redcoin: REDC
endor-protocol: EDRP
spindle: SPDE
sovereign-hero: SHERO
selfkey: SKEY
aston: ATXN
polcoin: PLCN
blazecoin: BLZC
batcoin: BATC
accelerator-network: ACCK
blockcat: BCAT
blocktix: BTIX, TIX
bitmark: BTMK
kyber-network: KNCN, KNC
kingn-coin: KNC2
bitgem: BTGM
ripio-credit-network: RCNN
comsa-xem: CMSXEM
comsa-eth: CMSETH
cybermiles: CMTM
bitclave: CATE
canyacoin: CANC
maggie: MAGG
betacoin: BETA
smartbillions: SMARTB
hi-mutual-society: HMCS
guccionecoin: GCCN
remicoin: RMCN
lightning-bitcoin: LBTCN
encryptotel: ETTL
profile-utility-token: PUTT
sphre-air: XIDR
qbao: QBTO
entcash: ENTH
mixin: XINN
fiargame: FAIRG
icoin: ICNN
bitcoin-scrypt: BTCST
bloomtoken: BLTN
global-tour-coin: GTCN
helleniccoin: HNCN
adcoin: ACCN
netcoin: NETN
cpchain: CPCN
rupaya: RUPXA
wi-coin: WICN
hydro-protocol: HOTP
blocklancer: LNCR
crycash: CRCH
phoenixcoin: PXCN