Data Availability Service

CoinMarketCap Live Prices and Real-Time Exchanges Data

  Your Connection to CoinMarketCap Pro API

Recently CoinMarketCap shut down their free public API.
CRYPTOFINANCE purchased a commercial license to their new Pro API, and give you access to all their market data in real-time.
All market data is available in USD, or any other fiat or cryptocurrency with a single function call:
=CRYPTOFINANCE("COINMARKETCAP") More info in the doc »

  Real-time Data — Get Rid of Market Data Latency

Move from the 1h refresh rate on the free plan, to a 1 to 2 minutes refresh rate.
No more in-sheet caching, a refresh in your sheet pull data from the exchange directly.

  9 Times Cheaper than Subscribing Directly to their API

Getting a 2 minutes refresh interval from the CoinMarketCap API costs $948/year.
CRYPTOFINANCE lets you access all of their data with such a refresh rate.
In addition, we’ve already done the hard work making the data spreadsheet-friendly.

  • No sign-up required.
  • Cancel anytime, no questions asked.
  • 20% cheaper with yearly subscription.
USD$10 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some things we’re commonly asked

Does this plan include historical data?

The Data Availability Service only includes real-time price data. Historical data is available for an additional fee.

Does this fix the 20,000 API call per day quota?

No, the Google Sheets API call quota still remains. But using full listing calls will help you avoid hitting this quota.

How to cancel my subscription?

Just email our support at [email protected] and we’ll cancel your subscription. No questions asked.

Is it safe to subscribe?

Yes, we use Stripe to process all payments. We never see or store your credit card details.

How does it work after subscribing?

Right after subscribing you will get an API key to input in the add-on. It is not linked to your Google Account in any way. We’ll also email you your API key.

How to update my credit card details?

Send us an email and we’ll send you a link to a secure form to update your card details.

More questions? Contact us at [email protected]