Data Availability Service

Continuous data delivery for spot prices and data

1. API requests are not sent from your browser, but from Google Sheets servers

• As a result, CoinMarketcap and other exchanges API receive too many requests from Google Sheets IP addresses.
• This is true whether you use CRYPTOFINANCE or any other add-on or custom script, all requests will appear to come the same Google IP addresses.

2. Using a proxy server can help avoid this API ban

• This Data Availability Service will query each 2 minutes data from CoinMarketcap and other exchanges.
• The add-on will then connect to this proxy server to fetch its data, avoiding the API ban.
• Alternatively, you can also prefix an exchange name to pull data from it, only CoinMarketcap, Binance and a few other exchanges are banning requests at the moment. See the doc for more info.

3. Other advantages of using a proxy

• CoinMarketcap will shutdown their free public API in December. Using this proxy will ensure the data will still be available.
• No need to change your sheets, the add-on will transparently switch to query from the proxy.

  • Want to pay with Crypto?
    Email us for our Bitcoin or Ether address.
    Only yearly plan available, but 2 months free.
  • Cancel anytime, no questions asked.
USD$10 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you’re wondering

Does this plan include historical data?

The Data Availability Service only includes current prices. Historical data is not included. See here for the list of supported function calls.

Do I need to change my sheet after subscribing?

No, you won’t need change anything in your sheet. The add-on will automatically start connecting to the proxy server transparently.

Does this fix the 20,000 API call per day quota?

No, the Google Sheets API call quota still remains. But using full listings calls will help you avoid from hitting this quota.

How to update my credit card details?

Send us an email and we’ll send you a link to a secure form to update your card details.

How does it work after subscribing?

Right after subscribing you will get an API key to input in the add-on. It is not linked to Google Account in any way. We’ll also email you your API key.

How to pay with crypto?

You can pay for yearly plan using Bitcoin or Ethereum. Send us an email, we'll send you the address and send you your API key after 1 transaction confirmation.

Is it safe to subscribe?

Yes, we use Stripe to process all payments. We never see or store your credit card details.

How to cancel my subscription?

Just reply to the email your received with your API key, and we’ll cancel your account. No questions asked.

More questions? Email the creator at