Pull Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
Data in Google Sheets

  • As simple as =CRYPTOFINANCE("BTC/USD")
  • +750 cryptocurrencies supported
  • 46 exchanges supported
  • Historical and global market data
  • Anonymous and open-source, no sign up required

92,565 traders and analysts already using it

Pull Live Market Data

The building blocks to create your own portfolio tracker.

  • Free Unlimited Data from Over 48 Exchanges
    CRYPTOFINANCE connects directly to over 48 exchange APIs to return current market data.
  • Default Data from Cryptowatch API
    CRYPTOFINANCE allows 50 free calls/day for market average data (VWAP). A plan for unlimited data is available too.


=CRYPTOFINANCE("BTC/USD", "marketcap")

=CRYPTOFINANCE("ETH/BTC", "change", "1h")
=CRYPTOFINANCE("LTC/ZAR", "change", "24h")
=CRYPTOFINANCE("KMD/ETH", "change", "7d")

Trading Journal, Tax Reporting

Because nothing is as flexible as a spreadsheet.

  • Over 190 Exchanges’ Historical Data at Your Fingertips
    Use CRYPTOFINANCE to get historical prices on more than 190 exchanges, or as a VWAP. But also ROI per month, quarter or year.
  • Your Accountant Will Thank You
    Accountants know their way around a spreadsheet. Make their life easier by providing them your trading journal using CRYPTOFINANCE.
Daily historical prices from over 190 exchanges
=CRYPTOFINANCE("COINBASE:BTC/USD", "price", "2018-11-24")

Get end of day average prices...
=CRYPTOFINANCE("ETH/BTC", "price", "2018-11-24")
...or any OHLCV data
=CRYPTOFINANCE("BINANCE:BNB/BTC", "low", "2019-01-17")

Get HODL Return on Investment for a given quarter or month
=CRYPTOFINANCE("BTC/EUR", "roi", "2018Q4")
=CRYPTOFINANCE("BTC/EUR", "roi", "2018-04")

Exchange-Specific Data

Look up your local exchange prices and quickly discover arbitrage opportunities.

  • Prefix an Exchange Name to Query its API
    CRYPTOFINANCE uses an intuitive syntax to identify which exchanges you want data from. When no exchange is specified it will connect to Cryptowatch.




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